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Sometimes it's hard to know how children react to criticism and praise, so be careful to use the first, to have more meaning when you really needed to manage them.

Criticism is sometimes necessary to use it, because it is important and when to use it and how to give (constructive criticism). Not the same reproach or observation of an unacceptable behavior or conduct, anger and lack of control that comes from that behavior. Once the review should be back to normal and not build resentment.

If things nicely, considerately, at the right time will tell, and for justified reasons, children, sparing the father although he considers them too often. The alternative to being an unrepentant critic is saying nice things from time to time, especially when children do not expect cadouri copii. The key is not to have a tendency to function almost always in negative terms, "chasing" the son / ay reminding just what it does or does not do evil. 


Praise facilitates the development of good self-esteem and provide experiences that leave traces of a positive effect on self-esteem of a child. Are excellent mobilizing appropriate behaviors, so well used that it is a powerful educational resource. Children love to receive compliments but also to be told the truth. They are more effective if they are addressed to the child who is not feeling well and when you feel bad.

Praise is most effective when they target something that the child will be proud when they aim at changing the criteria in the child about what he has done and he does not feel proud of it, but here you have to use them though the child does not pick up at all. Gradually they can take effect. When a child likes what he has done, and father praises his work shows sensitivity to the feelings of your child. 

This increases the credibility of the father, but then negative judgments. Good parents have plenty of credibility, do not abuse the praise or criticism and have learned to match the feelings of their children. 

Some parents are confused thinking that with an attitude of demanding towards their children, criticize, reproach and "constantly warn them what they do wrong" going to get good results in the learning and development of their children. 

And sometimes it does not, quite the contrary, get their children develop more resentment and rebellion. Praise and positive attitude Say something nice is not necessarily a praise, but shows a positive attitude. It is important to be a good parent when communicating a positive vision of life to children. Say nice things have many advantages, so we ask you to consider the facts below.
You can say something nice about other people to show that it is nice to have kind thoughts towards others even if they are not present. You can say something nice about something to show that you feel good to think of something or someone.

You can say something nice about a tree or a sunset to show that it is good to get satisfaction from everyday experiences. You can say something nice about someone or something it also has features that we do not like to show that life is not just black or white, good and bad and often go together. But most important is not to tell them, but feel them.